Play a Fun Game of Lucky Nugget Online Keno

Lucky Nugget Online Keno is just one of the many games available at this casino, but also one of the most popular. What makes Keno such an attractive game is its sheer simplicity and the social nature of this lottery inspired titles. You can play it on mobile devices on real and virtual currency and interact with your peers while hoping for that big win.

This is one of the best mobile casino games for recreational and casual players, since its outcome depends exclusively on luck and no previous experience is needed.

Lucky Nugget Casino KENO

Learn the Rules of Keno in a Few Minutes

Lucky Nugget casino has made it very easy for players to learn the ropes and get familiar with the core rules of Keno. Players are given 20 numbers out of a total of 80 and all they need to do is to wait and hope that their numbers are selected. The payouts table indicates the potential winnings, which depend on the size of the investment, so it’s easy to estimate how much money is up for grabs.

Online Keno can also be enjoyed on virtual currency, with the demo version of the game being just as exciting.

Lucky Nugget online casino members can have a lot of fun playing Keno by downloading the software on their computers or mobile devices. Those who register a real money account will also be eligible for bonuses and other freebies. The cash prizes can be put to good use to learn Keno while having a decent chance at winning real money, while the free spins are suitable for other Lucky Nugget casino games.

Regardless of their nature, all the games offered by the casino will generate loyalty points when players bet real currency. Lucky Nugget Online Keno makes no exception and players earn three points whenever they bet $10 on this game.

It is possible to exchange the loyalty points for casino credits and earn a free round of Keno for every 200 points. Players decide when they convert the loyalty points into cash, as the casino will always uphold its and of the deal.

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Last updated on July 2, 2020