The Truth Behind the Strike It Lucky Casino Scam

Just like any other industries in the internet, online casino gaming is being targeted by scams and frauds. Hence, it is important for every player to be cautious enough before taking a step forward in an online casino.

Strike It Lucky Casino… a scam?!
Strike It Lucky Casino is one of the most popular gaming platforms online, given that aside from it is a no-download casino, it offers an array of first-class casino games, features, and services. In fact, it has loyal bases of players from all over the globe. No wonder they are surprised when Strike It Lucky Casino scam issues surfaced on the internet.

Are these scandalous claims true?
There are reviews online stating that Strike It Lucky Casino is ‘unlucky’ since there are players who lost all their deposits to Video Slots, Roulette, Scratch Games, and others. It might be because this online casino is cheating and manipulating the games’ outcomes to their advantage. Moreover, there are some players who claim that the welcome bonus of up to 50% is not credited to their account after giving it a top up. What’s even worse is that there are players affirming that this online casino didn’t give their payouts.

Upon further investigation…
With these Strike It Lucky Casino scam complaints, one can be convinced that this is indeed a site to avoid and be wary of. However, this must not be the case since behind these allegations is the real scope of this matter. We have assessed and examined the aforesaid claims carefully, and we found that these are but causes of misunderstanding, an overlooking of the casino’s terms and conditions, and furthermore, schemes created by competitors to taint the casino’s image.

While there are players asserting that Strike It Lucky Casino games are not fair despite being eCOGRA certified, it has been cleared that based on their statements, they tried to chase their losses and failed to manage their account carefully, thus resulting in being left-down-and-out. In addition, those who didn’t receive the Strike It Lucky Casino welcome bonus failed to take note of the requirement that the reward will only be credited to real money players with a deposit of at least $40. Lastly, this online casino pays out excellently and some of the negative statements are from competing brands and players who failed to meet wagering requirements and other casino guidelines.

False allegations!!!
Absolutely, the Strike It Lucky Casino scam is not true. Given the real deal behind these issues, in addition to positive reviews and testimonials about the site, Strike It Lucky Casino is still a great place for players to push their luck and have a rewarding gaming experience.

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Last updated on February 17, 2023