Strike It Lucky Casino Close Account is 100% Hassle-free!

Need to close your Strike It Lucky account?
Online casino gaming can be a fun and lucrative hobby. However, there are certain circumstances wherein a player has to close his account in an online casino. It is expected that these sites will immediately respond to the player’s request to deactivate his account, but more often than not, these wishes are “overlooked”. While there are unresponsive online casinos to close account requests just to retain players, Strike It Lucky Casino guarantees a prompt and simple way to disable an account, be it temporary or permanent. Players just have to follow a few simple steps to have their account locked in no time.

The Strike It Lucky Casino Support Team
To start Strike It Lucky Casino Close Account, the player simply needs to get in touch with a customer support staff. This can be done in 3 ways: telephone, email, or live chat. For instant process, it is highly recommended choose to call through the telephone or the live chat feature. Once connected to Strike It Lucky Casino support staff, state the request of deactivating the account. The player will be asked a few questions, like the reason, for how long, and others. After this, he will receive confirmation that his account has been deactivated in just a few minutes.

No software uninstallation required
Since Strike It Lucky Casino is a no download casino, hence there’s no need to face the hassle of uninstalling the software. Once the online gaming account is closed, the player will not be able to play in the real money mode—except if he makes a new real player account.

Re-activating your Strike It Lucky Casino account
If players decide to activate their account again, all they have to do is to contact their customer service and everything will be restored to the account—including all the details and remaining balance yet to be withdrawn by the player. It’s easy to re-open the account as it is easy to close it!

A reputable online casino should close a gaming account upon request. After all, they should put nothing but their players’ welfare on top of their priorities.

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Last updated on February 17, 2023