LuckyDino Casino Game Feature: Gonzo’s Quest Slot

One of the most widely played game titles for several months already since its initial release in the extensive LuckyDino Casino Game Library; Gonzo’s Quest Slot definitely justifies its long stay under the spotlight. We hereby declare so, because even just a brief glimpse into the game’s screenies and a few rounds’ worth of playtime with this 3D slot shall never fail to wow someone. Produced and developed under the watchful eyes and creative minds of Net Entertainment developers, they made certain that Gonzo’s Quest Slot will provide a uniquely fun and worthwhile casino experience to all slot aficionados around the globe. .

Gonzo’s Quest Slot’s Charming Game Features

Gonzo’s Quest has stayed as the most popular title among the hundreds of LuckyDino Casino Games presently available for consecutive months on end, till now. Since its release a few years ago in 2010, this charming slots game still captivates countless casino punters, old and new alike. And mind you, just to stress the point that this is no mean efat, the sheer number of game titles available in LuckyDino could be ludicrous as well, to say the least. This is because the amount of LuckyDino Casino Slots alone could leave a newbie player’s mouth hanging.

Anyway, we can attest Gonzo’s Quest Slot’s success to its integral appeal and magic – an x-factor of sorts. Casino players from various age brackets would most likely, if not certainly, be enthralled with the characters, atmosphere, audio effects, animations – everything – that this awesome slot game presents. Nonetheless, the most remarkable aspect of Gonzo’s Quest Slot, in our opinion, is the distinctive Feature Duo:

  • Avalanche Feature: This game feature is the absolute, most awesome, video slot gameplay we have witnessed in our gaming careers. In this feature, the slot’s reels transform into a seemingly Tetris-like screen, wherein the symbols fall into place. This mode triggers whenever you hit a certain winning combination, and the mode will go on continuously until there are no more winning combinations formed. Cool, yes? Imagine how those terrific combos would rake in winnings for you when you match them with the Dino-rific LuckyDino Casino bonuses!
  • Free Fall Feature: the awesomeness of Gonzo’s Quest doesn’t end with Avalanche though, because there’s a Free Fall feature as well. Simply put, this is just like the LuckyDino Casino Free Spins promo, but built-in directly to the game! The great thing about this Free Fall feature is that it allows you to stack up your multipliers up to a whopping 15x. Playing Gonzo’s Quest would certainly be a worthwhile gaming session if you partner it with some nice LuckyDino Casino promos, right?

We bet your LuckyDino Casino Banking account would be crying tears of joy once you trigger those cool slot features and get a nice combo multiplier going. What’s more is that you can readily enjoy Gonzo’s Quest Slot on the LuckyDino Casino Mobile app as well. Yup, yup, more chances of winning for you!

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Last updated on July 2, 2020