Lucky31 Casino Game Feature: Hook’s Heroes Online Slot

One of the most sought after titles these days among the wide-ranging Lucky31 Casino Game Library, Hook’s Heroes Online Slot certainly earns its place atop the zenith. We claim so, because even just a momentary glimpse into the game screens and a few minutes’ worth of playtime with this slot game shall never fail to astound. Created and developed with the creative minds and skillful hands of NetEnt developers, they made sure that Hook’s Heroes Online Slot will provide a one-of-a kind fun casino experience to the multitude of casino slot lovers across the globe.

The Captivating Features of Hook’s Heroes Online Slot

Hook’s Heroes has remained as the best seller among the hundreds of Lucky31 Casino Games currently available for consecutive weeks now, since its release a month ago in September. And mind you, the sheer number of game titles available in Lucky31 Casino could be mind-boggling to say the least, as the number Lucky31 Casino Slots alone could leave your mouth hanging.

Anyhow, we can certainly credit the success of Hook’s Heroes Online Slot to its inherent charm and appeal – an x-factor of sorts. Casino players of all ages would most likely, if not surely, be captivated with the characters, ambiance, sounds, animations – everything – that this terrific slot game exhibits. Nevertheless, the most awesome aspect of Hook’s Heroes Online Slot, in our opinion, is the unique Trio of Features:

  • Mermaid Feature: This feature provides generous multipliers to winning combinations. The default multiplier is x2, but this will be bumped to x4 when the player gets a Wild Symbol in the mix. Imagine how your winnings would soar if you combine these multipliers to some Lucky31 Casino promos!
  • Fairy Feature: Another generous game feature, this one randomly changes some of your symbols to Wild Symbols! Based on our initial playthroughs using the Free Spins from Lucky31 Casino, this Fairy Feature definitely brings in the goodies.
  • Pirate Feature: A highly innovative feature among all the video slots created on the planet, this features allows a player to make winning combination even if the symbol is not on the designated paylines. Players can surely boost their chances of winning with this feature by utilizing certain Lucky31 Casino bonuses.

Mobile Version is Up & Ready for Hook’s Heroes

The good news (or should we say “better” news) is that Hook’s Heroes Online Slot is also readily playable in the advanced and intuitive Lucky31 Casino Mobile platform! Yes, players can readily enjoy and bring this brand-spanking-new online slot wherever they go. Of course, more play time means more chances of winning!

Put those second thoughts aside; there’s no shame in joining the Lucky31 craze! Play Hook’s Heroes on Lucky31 Casino ASAP!

Last updated on July 2, 2020