Earn More by Becoming One of the Lucky31 Casino Affiliates

Getting lucky is not the only way to earn big in an online casino. It is no secret that the competition among these gaming platforms is constantly increasing and players can make the most of this by grabbing the lucrative opportunities that affiliate marketing programs offer. They will be rewarded for directing traffic and potential customers for the online casino without using much effort and resource.

The Lucky31 Casino Affiliate Program
Almost all online casinos have their affiliate programs; however, there is only a handful that stands out and among them is Lucky31 Casino. Its affiliate partner is no other than ‘iGaming Partners’, which is known for numerous features and advantages. It gives players the opportunity to promote a new promising online casino that will surely give them high commissions and unlimited offers.

The Benefits
The Lucky31 Casino Affiliates enjoy up to a 50% revenue share on their first three months. In the succeeding months, they will have the potential of earning 25% up to 50% commission based on their performance. In addition, there are no negative carryovers, so affiliates will start from a clean slate every month. This will surely save their long term income from a negative balance. They will receive their payments no later than 10th every calendar and their profits are directly credited to their player account. From there, they can withdraw their money using the withdraw option that suits their preferences.

Getting Started
Moreover, Lucky31 Casino Affiliates are guaranteed of attracting more visitors since iGaming offers a variety of marketing tools. Aside from flash, there are also gif banners available—both of which are created to easily communicate the casino and its offers in a significant way. Also, Lucky31 Casino games for demo purposes are being provided to attract visitors to finally get started at Lucky31 Casino. These tools will definitely increase the partners’ commissions.

Be a Partner… NOW!
Of course, becoming one of the Lucky31 Casino Affiliates is fast and easy. Players just have to click the ‘Affiliate link’ found on the bottom of the online casino’s homepage. They will be directed to iGaming Partners and after that, they will just have to send an email about their interest in becoming an affiliate. A few simple steps will be given and in no time, players can just sit back and relax while visitors increase their earnings.

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Last updated on July 2, 2020