The Fun Begins Once the Lucky247 Roulette is in Motion

Lucky247 Roulette draws inspiration from the classic game that has been enjoyed in brick-and-mortar casinos for centuries. The online version has the same low house edge, but comes in different flavors, so players can expect a different gaming experience. Add to this the fact that bonuses are offered and tournaments are hosted that bring together online roulette enthusiasts. This should paint an accurate picture of what is to be expected at Lucky247 Casino.

Lucky247 roulette
Luck247 casino online blackjack

Check out the list of mobile friendly online roulette variants available here:

European roulette

The European version of Lucky247 Roulette has a single zero slot on the wheel, so the house edge is twice as low compared to the American variant. A beautiful table layout catches the eye and the game has simple rules and intuitive game mechanics. One can place inside and outside bets based on one’s preferred strategy and bankroll, while interacting with real croupiers at live tables.

American Lucky247 Roulette

The list of Lucky247 casino games also features American roulette, which has plenty of fans, despite carrying a slightly bigger house edge. There are two 0 slots on the wheel, but even so, the casino has an edge of roughly 5%. It can be mitigated by making good use of the bonuses offered and by exercising proper bankroll management.

French Roulette

Online roulette fans can drive down the house edge even further by switching to French roulette. The “la partage” and “en prison” special rules are here to help players achieve precisely that and give them a second chance. This version of roulette is also popular at real dealer tables so you can circumvent

Last updated on July 2, 2020