Accomplish the Lucky Nugget Casino Close Account in an Instant

It is no secret that Lucky Nugget Casino is one of the pioneers in this industry, having been established in 1998. Currently, it has over 4 million registered users and this number is continuously burgeoning. On the other hand, there are players who wish to deactivate their account due to several reasons like gambling problems, financial concerns, and others. Fortunately, there’s nothing for them to worry about because Lucky Nugget Casino close account is quick and easy.

To begin the process

Contact a customer representative; this is the first step players have to do to start the process of registration. There are three ways to get in touch with the Lucky Nugget Casino support team, via live chat, telephone, or email. For almost instant procedures, it is highly recommended to choose any of the first two options. The player must send his request of closing an account. In addition, there are a few questions to be asked such as the reason, whether the closure is temporary or permanent, and others. After this, the representative will disable the player’s account automatically and he will not be able access it, unless he requests to restore it again or make a new one.

Uninstalling the Lucky Nugget Casino software

Furthermore, closing the account means uninstalling the software for those who opted to play in the download version of Lucky Nugget Casino. Follow the steps for a certain clean-up process:

  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’ of the computer.
  • Click the ‘Add/Remove Program’ link. All the programs installed on their computer will be populated.
  • Find the Lucky Nugget Casino software.
  • Select the ‘Uninstall Program’ and the process will begin instantly. In just a few seconds, the casino’s program will be deleted on their PC.

Definitely, players can guarantee that the Lucky Nugget Casino support team is always there to give them efficient assistance. What’s notable is the fact that they will immediately attend to their players’ requests from the moment they get started, up to the time when they have to close their gaming account.

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Last updated on August 7, 2020