Earn High Commission Rates with Lucky Club Casino Affiliates

Affiliate programs are remarkable avenues for the players to get the most out of the online casino trend without having to wager their own money. There are numerous online gaming sites offering this marketing system and Lucky Club Casino is one of them. Being among the Lucky Club Casino Affiliates help players not only to direct others in finding the luckiest online casino suited to their preferences, but also to give them a sure bet that’s definitely profitable.

The Rich Club Affiliates
Lucky Club Casino’s affiliate partner is no other than Rich Club Affiliates. Known for their features, marketing strategies, high commission rates, and others, their RTG casino partners are popular for reliability and excellence. In addition, there are numerous benefits a player can receive by being among the Lucky Club Casino Affiliates, and some of these are the following:

  • There’s no limit on how much an affiliate can earn since this is a lifetime partnership. It is possible to earn unlimited commissions since the affiliate can refer players for a lifetime.
  • They offer state-of-the-art marketing tools, which include banners, e-mailers, links, progressive tickers, and more. Affiliates just have to copy and paste the displayed code to their website and they can start earning money.
  • Exportable reports are also available to track the income of an affiliate in reader-friendly designs. The reports available are statistics by the casino, statistics by banner, historical earnings summary, current earnings, payment history, tier earnings, and affiliate ledger.
  • The signing up process is fast and easy. In the course of 48 hours, the affiliate will know if his application was turned down or approved.
  • The affiliate’s account features a negative carry over, so the next month, he can start ‘fresh’.
  • Of course, the Lucky Club Casino support team is available 24/7 to assist affiliates, in case they have questions, concerns, or even suggestions.

Indeed, Lucky Club Casino Affiliates enjoy an array of advantages, which can help them generate more income in no time. By being one of them, it is possible to watch profits grow even without the odds in the player’s favor when playing casino games.

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Last updated on July 2, 2020